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1.Lesson Plan You now need to create a lesson plan based on one of the scenarios set out below. Bear in mind that our tutor will be looking at the following points, when assessing it: Does the plan demonstrate that you understand how to create and deliver a suitable lesson? Does the plan set out a clear lesson that is appropriate and deliverable for the group? Is it structured in a way that builds on teaching methodology and focuses on learners? Have you anticipated relevant difficulties, and set out appropriate strategies for dealing with these? Are the activities relevant to the class and the aims of the lessons? Please note that the work should clearly be your own, and not copied from the Internet or any other source. Instructions Choose one of the scenarios outlined below. Note: The lesson plan should last for exactly one hour. Using the lesson plan template provided, develop a suitable lesson for the group you have chosen. Create any materials that you will need to deliver the lesson eg flashcards, worksheets etc and upload these for assessment. You can make assumptions. However, ensure that these are logical and appropriate for the group. You should include these details in your supporting essay When finished you should be uploading the following: Lesson plan Supporting essay Supporting materials Feel free to look back at the course as you put together your plan. We have also included a sample completed plan for guidance. However, do remember that the plan should be your work and needs to reflect your ideas. Note: We have recently updated the lesson plan options but if you have started working on a previous lesson plan then please continue working on this and submit it when finished. If you have any questions, just let us know! Option 1 Scenario: Adult Learners You are teaching a multi-lingual group of ten adults who are all at an intermediate level. Their motivations for learning English all differ. Some are learning as a hobby and some are learning to try and advance their career. They attend English classes with you once a week for an hour and you have been teaching them for eight weeks (so you know each other quite well). The class all get on well together and are keen to talk and practise their skills. The school you are teaching in doesn’t have a huge amount of resources and you are expected to create and deliver your own resources for each class you teach. Choice of aims for your lesson – please choose one only. Present perfect and Past simple Articles: a/an, the, no article (zero article) Modals of obligation: must, should, have to Gerunds and Infinitives Second conditional Reported speech Base and Strong Adjectives, e.g. big.....enormous Option 2 Scenario: Young Learners You are teaching a mono-lingual group of ten children aged between six and eight who are all beginners. There is an even mix of boys and girls in the group. Their motivations for learning English are unclear. All are attending English classes on a Saturday morning because their parents want them to ‘learn to speak English’. Despite this, all enjoy the classes and have fun. They attend English classes with you once a week for an hour and you have been teaching them for four weeks, meaning that they are all now comfortable and familiar with you and the classroom. The class all get on well together and enjoy games and activities but they can be fairly boisterous and sometimes prefer playing than studying! The school you are teaching in has limited resources and you have found that it’s better to create your own resources to teach effectively. Choice of aims for your lesson – please choose one only. Vocabulary: family and friends Vocabulary: free time activities Describing a person Demonstratives: this, that, these and those The four seasons What and Who questions with verb 'be': What's that? Who's this? Vocabulary: transport and travel 2.Written work The final piece of your assessment is a piece of written work. This should set out the thinking behind your lesson plan, allowing your tutor to check that you do understand how to organize and plan a lesson. This piece of work should be around 1,000 -1,500 words long. You should cover: Why you have structured the lesson in the way that you have Explanation on why you have chosen this topic, including what you understand about this topic with regards to your learners, and the challenges this topic may present (i.e. potential difficulties). What each activity will contribute towards the learning aims and how this will be achieved Other activities that you considered including, and why you chose not to use them What you would do if any of your activities didn’t work in the way you have planned Any other thoughts and ideas that you have to support your lesson plan and the way you have constructed it
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